Ticket Cancellation Insurance

Are you going to book your tickets for the next Rugby World Cup France 2023?
And in the meantime, you're thinking that many unforeseen events could prevent you from going to the stadium? Even at the very last minute? 

Cancellation insurance has been designed to take care of everything!


Why cover my tickets with cancellation insurance?

Change of schedule, accident, professional constraint, transport strike, natural disaster,... Subscription to cancellation insurance allows you to get your tickets refunded without proof! 

Book your tickets with peace of mind.  

Without supporting documents
With supporting documents


How do I take out cancellation insurance?

The subscription is done in one click during the purchase of your tickets: a "Cancellation Insurance" option will be proposed to you and you will only have to accept it and add it to the basket to insure your entire order. You have nothing else to do. It's as simple as that. Your tickets will be insured as soon as your order is paid for.

Cancellation insurance does not cover additionnal products such as shared payment or 96 hours option. 

When you will have subscribed to the Cancellation Insurance, you will receive your subscription contract within 48 hours


How will you be refunded?

There are two ways to request a refund:

  • Send an email to the following address: remboursement@ticketmate.io
  • You will receive a link in the email we will send you confirming you have subscribed to cancellation insurance.


Whether or not you wish to justify your claim for reimbursement, you will in all cases have to provide: the reason for your request, the original of the insured tickets (or your order confirmation unless they are not available for download yet or were stolen), proof of payment (invoice, statement of account) and the bank details of the Member of the insurance (to enable the compensation to be transferred). In the case of a claim for reimbursement with proof of payment, you will find the list of documents to be provided in the general terms and conditions of insurance below.


Consult all the practical information and general terms and conditions specific to cancellation insurance  



Ticketmate contact : 

  • Email: contact@ticketmate.io / emma@ticketmate.io
  • Adress: PHENOMEN, 58 rue de la Victoire – 75009 PARIS



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